Overnight Yurt Adventure

Our overnight yurt adventure is AVAILABLE for Private POWDER Cats and STEEP & DEEP Cats.

We offer a Custom 30’ Yurt that boasts a full kitchen, living area, big screen TV, sound system, game area, bar that is attached to a Custom 20’ Yurt which is capable of sleeping 14 guests. All meals and bedding included, guides stay with you to keep you safe, warm, and fed!

For overnight adventure and ONE day Cat Skiing, arrive at Base Camp 5pm for 1.5 hr. trek 25 miles back in, have dinner and a warm restful night sleep to awake and WALK OUT THE DOOR TO POWDER!

Our Yurts are certainly not the Taj Mahal, but they are really clean, warm and dry with a world famous heated Outhouse.  There are no showers or 5 star maid service  This is an AMAZING adventure to be SO far back, so close to the POWDER, to experience the great Big Montana Sky at night, whether starry or snowy! It is truly an experience you will NEVER FORGET!!

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