About Great Northern Powder Guides

The creation of Great Northern Powder Guides

Retired pro skier Jay Sandelin is behind the creation of Great Northern Powder Guides. "It had been a lifelong dream of mine to launch a backcountry skiing company". When Jay saw that Northwest Montana lacked a premier cat skiing operation, he recognized the opportunity to fulfill his dream right in his own backyard. Great Northern Powder Guides want to share with their clients the uniqueness that Montana's wilderness has to offer. They feel that Montana is unlike any other state in the lower 48 due to its preservation of open wilderness that is accessible to the public and private vendors. The founders wanted to give visitors to the area an easy cost-effective way to access Montana's pristine Stillwater State Forest.

The mission of Great Northern Powder Guides is to provide our clients with a safe, high standards environment to experience backcountry skiing adventures. All of the guides that work with Great Northern Powder Guides are specially trained experienced skiers. Great Northern Powder Guides wants to make sure that the memories that clients create with us will last a lifetime.

Lead Guides

  • Lead guides for Great Northern Powder Guides have five years of extreme backcountry experience. All of our lead guides have National Ski Patrol (NSP), American Institute of Avalanche Research & Education (AIARE), or Canadian Avalanche Association certifuication and are outdoor emergency care technicians or wilderness care responders.

Tail Guides

  • Tail guides for Great Northern Powder Guides have avalanche and first aid training as well as a good knowledge of the area we are skiing. Our tail guides are up and coming lead guides.

Snowcat Operators

  • The snowcat operators for Great Northern Powder Guides have tremendous experience and extensive road building knowledge. All of our operators are outdoor emergency care technicians or wilderness care responders.

    The Operators stay busy running and working on heavy equipment in the summer months, and have knowledge with the workings of Pisten Bully's. The operators also attend Alpine Service Schools, and they have grown up skiing and snowmobiling in the same area as we are currently skiing in now.

Our guest's safety is one of the most important aspects to us at Great Northern Powder Guides. We are committed to keeping all of our guides and operators updated with the latest safety procedures and courses. Each of our guests participates in an avalanche safety session each morning prior to entering the backcountry. With experienced guides and the use of our safety knowledge and equipment we can guarantee a safe and unforgettable backcountry skiing experience.